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Some critical notes:
Alba Montori creates Recycling Art in Italy from more than 35 years. 
Th'is a shape of art in which they come uses refuse material (trash) in the composition  , assembled with traditional ones, so the matter comes loading itself with valences and polidimentionals means , to produce in the "reader/fruitore" suggestions move them absolutely various and quite in contrast with those of the materials it originates them.
For the author to "do art" it is from always a "joke" calibrated sage and that he continuously transfers the real one on a immaginific and fabulatory plan. Through the alive filter of its rebellious conscience he reconstructs the world, of transfer the truths through the energy of the color and metamorphic mobility of the shapes, that he transfers, exalting of the tearing contrasts, in an other dimension, that one of harmony and love.
Many its creations are present in private collections in the USA.


In 2001 it has opened  its laboratory with a permanent expo in. 
Mainly dedicated to this shape of art, expose also ceramics, paintings, happenings and on theme installations works.

the Lab/Gallery is in    Fabrica di Roma
    largo  via Vittoria 1  (Viterbo -ITALY) 
phone:         +39 -  0761 568415
 mob:           +39 -  333 7631529

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