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................... personally I prefer (perhaps comes to me also easier) to construct of the "things".. concrete, visible, not misunderstanding, touching.


   To operate art for me it is entirety passion, that it exceeds and it renders practically null any other, from that elementary (hunger sleep - sex) to that "more spiritual" (reading, information, socialization etc). Constant it searches of traditional ways, but also new, totally invents to you, of visual and three-dimensional expression (and even pictures or penta and via therefore), of feelings, states of mind, situations of the psycodrama (human) daily that it encircles to me and it is involved to me to full time from always and it fascinates to me and do me horrfyed or it amuses to me so crazy..

 The game of assemblage of materials and feelings fascinate me and shapes

   and colors that are one what and become other before while us job until

   becoming other things, other shapes, others means to you, clear for mine deep

   I still of the beginning, and that to the end I see and touch and I recognize like

   shape of that it was within and it is by now outside other from me..... fascinates to me

   and it astounds to me to assist to the transformation


   .... It fascinates to me and it always is strange to see the matter to me, species that

   more brute.. the "trash", than is transformed slowly, and slowly becomes high from if,

   other from me at last to become other also in the eyes of who it watches the result........

   but it comes recognized for that it is and that it means.


...... see the face of who is in front of the result of mine (nearly)

   carthusian job, to observe that the "thing" appeals to it, than is astonished, is amused,

   but it is a lot embarassed just from this fact because it does not succeed to less make

   than re/know that for that it is and what means and

   one notices also that the "thing" while is watching it.

Ends for taken out, outside  from the deep memory which he knows of if but that it did not even know than

  to know o it did not want to know and recognize

  add for me amusement  and a lot of wicked satisfaction

  enyoiment and pleasure nearly like making!.


..Instead to the children it never does not happen to feel itself  embarrassed in front of my "things"

 I have seen them if not so happy from wanting to touch them endured,

   quite to put in mouth, after all to take control materially of as

   of a game new and fascinating to play endured..... but that but it comes

   recognized for that is and that it means....

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